Friday, September 14, 2018

Florence in perspective

Joe Bastardi

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Wilmington is 1 of those places you look at to compare the greatness of hurricanes, Does it bother any climate ambulance chasers that it took close to 60 years to have a hurricane produce a gust that still did not beat the gusts of 3 STORMS IN 7 YEARS Hazel, Helene and Donna

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Highest-speed winds in Wilmington (North Carolina) since Hurricane Donna in 1960.
Florence 92 mph
Donna 1960 97 mph

Also of note:
Hazel 1954 98 mph
Helene 1958 135 mph

That is, three storms worse than Florence within a 7-year period. All of this 60+ years ago. Nothing similar today.

Also: things are getting better, not worse.

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