Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The internet can still be fun

Guy in London, England asks why Alberta is the only jurisdiction in the world that has no "common rats." Far too many Albertans weigh in to give him the precise answer, with lots of anecdotes. He has to mute the stream, whatever that means.

Colby is funny.

Colby Cosh

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I’m disappointed he was given the real explanation. It would be much better if he asked “What happened in Alberta” & people just answered “The rats suffered a… misfortune” or “We don’t discuss it with outsiders”Colby Cosh added,

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Poor guy had to mute his own thread. Alberta's crawling out of the woodwork linking and RT this.
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The bartender in the Shining: Other gentlemen have encountered severe difficulties with rats--if I may say so sir?
Yes, yes, please go on.
Some gentlemen have adopted methods that have been extremely effective but might be ... controversial; if I may be so bold sir?

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