Friday, August 10, 2018

John A. Macdonald statue

In Victoria. Some new things, I think, in the response from the sculptor.

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Just learned my sculpture of John 'A' Macdonald is to be removed from @CityOfVictoria Here's my letter to Mayor Helps. @SenatorHousakos @CBCAlerts @VictoriaNews @CTVVancouver @VancouverSun @timescolonist @rodmickleburgh @GraemeMenzies @eliasmunshya @P_Ratchford @sal_e_4th

john william dann and John A. Macdonald
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I would just say "directly proportional" is bullshit: this implies numbers, mathematical calculation, and some kind of hidden hand that provides, not only that as aboriginal people get poorer, we others get richer, and not only that the former is necessary for the latter, but there is some kind of "direct proportion." What would that be? How could it happen? How would it be calculated? Are some First nations people not richer, in a meaningful way, than they would have been without "European colonization"?

Also "once pristine paradise" is bullshit. The best one could say is that in a world of severely limited options, with early death and suffering not at all rare, there was generally a balance between what people wanted and what they were likely to get. Rousseau states the view very powerfully that this is happiness in a meaningful sense. "Pristine" just means "not yet touched by Europeans" (aboriginal people made lots of changes to the "natural" environment); and "paradise" doesn't mean anything at all in this context.

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