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Don Jr. meeting: Update

See below: correction on adoptions.

1. Many people, including highly skilled and experienced journalists, say that Trump in August 2018 contradicted what he said about the Don Jr. meeting in July 2017. Then it wasn't about oppo research on Hillary, but now it was. That's not true, Trump said a year ago the meeting was accepted (not sought out) by Don Jr. in order to get oppo research. Great Byron York piece. He's been consistent.
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Nope. Read the quotes: …Jonathan Swan added,
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Today is different. Trump denied, then, that they knew the lawyer was acting on behalf of the Russian government. They even denied knowing she was Russian.…
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2. In his spittle-inflected rage, Never Trumper and ex-Canadian David Frum lowers his IQ to about 50, telling reporters what the lede is.
3. James Fallows says the Steele saga about Hillary is more innocent that Don Jr. meeting which led to no action, and was over in 20 minutes. See Aug. 5 4/4 and 5/5. Steele actions led to a massive report, massaged as well as instigated by pro-Hillary operatives and government officials, using Russian sources, and was then used to get a court order to carry out surveillance on a U.S. citizen. Stories about the the Steele dossier were circulated many times via several sources, in order to support "where there's smoke, there must be fire" narrative.

Fallows cites Tyler: Steele was not representing a foreign government; Veselnitskaya (apparently) represented the Russian government "even if she was not directly connected to the Kremlin." Ah, there's some doubt? So maybe Steele, a loser former agent who had not been in Russia for decades, was honestly trying to help America by digging up Russian gossip, whereas Veselnitskaya was trying to help Russia. But the Hillary campaign actually paid for the Steele dossier, and specifically asked for Russian dirt on Trump. Are we sure Putin had nothing to do with feeding crap to Steele? With Hillary behind the scenes saying please, please give me some crap on Trump? And Putin's most likely in the election was not helping Trump, but sowing discord. Whereas Don Jr., not Trump himself, showed enough interest for a 20 minute meeting. Period.

4. Don Jr. and other participants remember the meeting mainly being about adoptions. Probably true: Veselnitskaya offered no info on Hillary whatsoever. She talked incomprehensibly about tax issues, and then switched to adoptions because under the Magnitsky Act, the U.S. imposed some sanctions on Russia, so Putin put a stop to U.S. adoptions of Russian babies. [Oops. I had that wrong at first]. That's right, Americans wanted to separate children from their parents, even if the children were crying, but Putin put a stop to it. One big goal Putin has for lobbying in Washington is the repeal of the Magnitsky Act. Hillary has spoken in favour of repeal; Trump never has.

I saw Trump's lawyer on TV: if Don Jr. was seeking oppo research on Hillary, what law was broken? Fallows sputters that it would be unusual to use relationships with foreign governments to gain an advantage in an election.

Or does everyone do it?

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No, the Russians reached out to his campaign. It was the Clinton campaign which reached out to Russians for dirt on Trump. And Clinton spox Brian Fallon said everybody does it - opposition research. …Marc Thiessen added,
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Um...In this tweet, the president admits his campaign did willingly reach out to Russians for dirt on Clinton. Attempted collusion? …
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