Sunday, May 6, 2018

Toronto sports

I have no comment on the Raptors-Cavaliers series. I've missed the first three games for one reason or another. Last night in Cleveland was close, but LeBron did just what he had to do in order to win at the buzzer. Before that an overtime win. LeBron has extra gears he can go to as needed. He's probably the best player in the NBA now, and Toronto still doesn't have a top 10 player, at least based on playoff performance.

Blue Jays. Starting pitching hasn't been great the last time through the rotation, and in any given game there are some guys who are not hitting.

Season so far:

Hitting, among players who have been in 14 or more games (to include Maile):

Granderson, the aging veteran who was really picked up to help for one season, leads in both walks and OPS. And this is is a guy who I believe never swings at the first pitch.
Teoscar Hernandez, a great pick-up in the trade by which the Jays disposed of pitcher Francisco Liriano. Houston, on their way to winning the World Series, needed the pitching help, and the Jays got a great player for the long term. Already more at-bats than Granderson, a bit better when it comes to strike outs, a bit worse when it comes to walks.
Pillar: too many strikeouts, but if his numbers stay where they are, this will not be bad.
Solarte: signed for two years, leading the team in home runs.
Donaldson: not fully himself yet, but getting there.
Pearce: fine for a utility player.

Otherwise: Maile as back-up catcher has better numbers than Russ Martin. At what point do you switch roles, or play them roughly 50-50?
Morales, the "old" Cuban, is doing worse by some measures than Gurriel Jr., the "new" Cuban. (Diaz is a third Cuban on the team).
Travis and Grichuk are both injured, but they were not contributing much offence when they were around. Travis is supposed to be one of the hopes for the future.

The excitement is mostly about young players, and next year. We've now seen a bit of Smith Jr., Dalton Pompey, who seems to have been brought up to the big leagues too soon a couple of years ago, and Alford. We're waiting on Guerrero Jr. and Bichette, and then there's Roger Clemens' kid.

Pitching: Clippard a great find, leading the bullpen in innings, and leading all pitchers in WHIP. The top 5 guys in the bullpen are doing very well.

Only one starter with an ERA less than 4.00: Happ. Sanchez not far behind, but he's giving up too many walks. The other three starters are disappointments. Stroman, the youngest, has some numbers that are better, but again too many walks.

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