Monday, May 7, 2018

Mueller's bad week

Funny stuff from Andrew C. McCarthy.

It's OK for Mueller to go after anyone who has had contact with Trump, and find something for which they can be indicted. Threaten them with the maximum penalty--beyond any penalty anyone similarly situated has ever faced--while making it clear (maybe while chewing on a toothpick in a darkened room) that they can make it easier for themselves if they rat out Trump. Tax evasion? Building a garage in violation of local zoning or building code regulations? Selling condoms that are known to have one tiny hole? Apparently Mueller thinks he has the authority to go after anything at all that might hurt Trump.

Of course the "prosecution" of a pathetic Russian internet troll farm was a farce from the beginning--the only prosecution that actually links Russia, the 2016 election, and (barely) Trump. When the trolls thought Hillary was going to win, they sowed discord by being pro-Trump. Once Trump won, they turned anti-Trump. My God Bob, how brilliant you are to figure out that this was a pro-Trump conspiracy from beginning to end. Of course the Justice Department and other agencies is not investigating such matters as foreign interference in U.S. elections on an ongoing basis--they were all waiting for Bob to do it.

Manafort is widely regarded as a sleazeball for whom people are unlikely to feel sorry. Perhaps his real crime for Washington insiders is that he supported the wrong side in Ukraine: the pro-Russian side. It's so much more noble to be on the other side, which is increasingly dominated by actual Nazis--not people who occasionally dog-whistle racists, possibly inadvertently, actual no kidding Nazis. That is now the noble cause in Ukraine, not unlike the wonderful people the U.S. is supporting in Syria. Thank you, Washington swamp, for making this all so clear. Thank you Bob, for rising to the top of the swamp. When has politics ever been so entertaining?

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