Saturday, April 28, 2018

Sights in Orillia: Updated

Another update: There was a huge statue of Champlain there for decades: heroic Champlain, First Nations people humbly at his feet. The statue is away somewhere being restored, and of course there is going to be a proper depiction of relations between the French and First Nations when the new display comes together.

Update: a history of St. Paul's United says the three Frost brothers, in addition to the plaque below, commissioned a huge stained-glass window in honour of their parents.

Wikipedia says the Frosts' mother was active in the Salvation Army.

Gordie Lightfoot has been known to say in his program concerts that he started out as a choir boy in Orillia. It turns out the choir in question was at St. Paul's.

Attending a brass band workshop (concert tomorrow) in Orillia. At St. Paul's United Church.

Just outside the sanctuary of the church: Ontario Premier in the 50s, Les Frost, along with his brothers, donated a plaque in honour of their parents.

Bust of Gordie Lightfoot--outside the Opera House in his home town.

There's a Champlain Hotel--Champlain did indeed pass through here in about 1610--but it's nothing glamorous.

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