Saturday, April 14, 2018

Open Season on James Comey

Althouse reports on lawyers saying that by writing a book, Comey has made himself a very poor witness for Mueller. At best he is on record saying things that may distract from the main story line; at worst, contradictions and admissions of culpability on Comey's part will emerge, weakening any case against Trump. Oh my God, Comey may be too sleazy for Mueller! Is Comey going to cry or be "on the verge of tears" again?

Althouse also posted on the Scooter Libby pardon--just before it happened. It turns out Comey was involved in the original story. FBI and Justice had concerns about the "enhanced surveillance" methods that were introduced post-9/11, which Americans and probably all of us still live with. There was a famous hospital room scene involving both Comey and Mueller, where they seemed at least for one day to resist what Bush and Cheney wanted; they were certainly trying successfully to get headlines saying how wonderful they were. Of course they backed down quickly, but Comey may have been involved in the choice of Fitzgerald, the special counsel who went after Libby. My comment:

Blogger Lloyd W. Robertson said...
I still wonder why Bush Jr. didn't give Libby a complete pardon. My guess: Libby arguably showed more loyalty to Cheney than to Bush. Understandable, but possibly irritating to Bush. The Comey part is fascinating. As I understand it, the FBI was somewhat anti-waterboarding, and somewhat opposed to other post-9/11 measures. The CIA was for them. Comey triggered the big hospital bed scene--don't authorize what the President (Bush Jr.) wants! In the end, very few changes were made, and Comey signed on like a good boy, even if had succeeded in making Cheney mad. Arguably he got maximum possible favourable attention--a moral hero, trying to stop Bush from going too far!--while subjecting himself or his career to minimal risk. He has always sought headlines: is there any event or series of events in which he actually made headlines, in which his role was something other than unethical, sleazy, or disgusting? What a great career for a bureaucrat.

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