Friday, April 13, 2018

Comey's motivation

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If Comey's decision to release the letter on Oct. 28 was influenced by his interpretation of the polls, that really ought to cut against his image as an honorable, principled decision-maker. Instead, he was just being expedient and trying to save his own hide.

5:32 am - 13 Apr 2018

The only think the Trump-haters are likely to blame Comey is re-starting a media concern about Hillary's e-mails close to election day. There was a massive FBI and DOJ effort to help Hillary, and hurt Trump. Some of this was perhaps kept from Comey pending the election, and he was worried when he found out. But he had been part of it--crafting the excuse for Hillary before the investigation was completed, and so on.

The Russian troll farm was trying to sow discord more than they were pro-Trump. As soon as Trump was elected, they became anti-Trump. Many seasoned bureaucrats were against discord of the kind the Russians wanted; this made them anti-Trump.

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