Thursday, April 26, 2018

A church tour: glass

St. Andrew's Presbyterian.

There was building on Church St. called the "Old Kirk" from about 1837 until 1875. What is now the old part of the church was dedicated that year. The new sanctuary was dedicated in 1992.

The old sanctuary has one window with fairly fancy stained glass. When the basement was recently renovated, a whole wing was developed underneath the old church.

McIntyre Wing: The newly renovated wing
under the old sanctuary will be called the
McIntyre Wing. Reverend Dr. Dugald McIntyre,
minister at St. Andrew’s 1927 - 1940. After the
impact of the 1925 United Church of Canada
Act, he rebuilt the congregation spiritually and

The people showing us around said the formation of the United Church--and before that the unification of two somewhat different Presbyterian congregations in Newmarket--was "divisive." "Unification was divisive," or something like that; a great line. The minister from 1925 to 1927, C.K. Nicol, apparently favoured the decision by many Presbyterian churches to join the new United Church. Important decisions are generally made by lay people, and the Newmarket group decided to stay out of the new church, and the Rev. Nicol, we were told, actually moved to the United Church. This may help explain the naming of a basement wing to Rev. McIntyre, as well as the stained glass in his honour.

Except for this window, the stained glass seems to have been quite austere. You may have to squint to see a floral pattern at the top of two windows.

In the new sanctuary, a decision was made to have no stained glass at all--natural light. Inspired partly by our local Quakers? Also the octagonal shape implies no side "superior" to any other side, but there is clearly a front with pulpit, baptismal font, organ etc. Pews in a horseshoe shape.

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