Thursday, March 8, 2018

Seeing Enemies Everywhere

I should have linked to this Matt Taibbi story before. Focusses on the way never-Trump and neo-con Republicans are working with (OK, colluding with) Hillarycrats to spread the story that the Russians are deliberately making Americans of various political stripes pissed off with the Establishment. The national security state has to crack down on dissent--it's for everyone's good, and much of the dissent is just poison planted by Putin anyway.

This is so crazy--surely worse than the red scares of earlier decades in that there is no international communism, and there is no cold war. All of this because ambitious people who belong in the Washington swamp--and want to climb higher in the swamp--are shut out of the White House? Rolling Stone may at least remember that people who are interested in ideas have reason to fear the national security state.

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