Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mueller in Wonderland

I won't go into details, but there are reports that Mueller is now looking at non-Russian foreign people: maybe they go to the White House sometimes; maybe they meet with Trump; maybe Trump discusses with them how they can collude or undermine the U.S. Constitution or something. And then again, maybe not. McIntyre suggests: maybe any foreigner who was in the U.S. during some of the relevant period, and failed to donate to Hillary's campaign, will be indicted for something.

Scott Johnson on the Powerline site (link from McCarthy):

Implicit in the Times story — whether or not the story itself is accurate — is an important point. It is a point that Andrew McCarthy has made trenchantly over and over. This is not the way it (a duly constituted special counsel investigation) is supposed to work. As established, Mueller’s investigation is fundamentally illegitimate.

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