Thursday, March 1, 2018

Corruption in the Trump White House? Update on "progress"

Maybe, but I don't think the progressives are really going to investigate all that much. Close family members of the President, also advisors, are in deep financial trouble, and have received substantial loans from some of the companies that would love to see open borders. Blatant conflict of interest.


If you were corrupt and were willing to sell your opinions & become a restrictionist for $$, whom would you sell out to?** All the money (and therefore the selling out) is on the loose borders side, no?

I think this means: asking for a friend. There seems to be no big money on the restrictionist side. As Bernie Sanders said before he decided to toe the line: open borders is a Koch brothers fantasy. Trump in his waffling as to what he will do seems blind to the real forces behind open borders. They use the language of those poor wonderful kids, like the cast of Annie, great kids, wonderful kids, the salt of the earth, they make you want to pinch their cheeks, oops, forget I said that. Their goal, however, is to gain the freedom to hire anyone they want, from anywhere, and drive wages down.

There is a weird (to me) alliance of the most transparent global capitalists and the progressives, who I guess also like to think of themselves as "global." Ever since capitalism and modern science started to deliver results ranging from impressive to spectacular, intellectuals and people in the humanities have struggled to keep up, or even to show they have something impressive to say. They always pin their hopes on politics, and they have had successes, especially with Communism and the other (let us say nameless) totalitarian regimes of the 20th century. But now, as long as the capitalists agree to restrictions related to climate change, and have workplace policies about discrimination and acceptance, everything is cool? Insofar as progressives don't believe there is such a thing as nature, they seem to be open once again to totalitarianism. On the other hand, they are pretty wedded to some improvements that are specific to the modern West, including smart phones.

Update Mar. 2:

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I fully expect Naomi Klein’s next book to be called Globalization, The Powerful Force That Spreads Peace And Destroys Poverty: Excuse Me, Why Are You Looking At Me Like That
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Have lefties become more committed to free trade recently?
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