Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Propaganda and Social Media

Adam Johnson, FAIR.

The obvious point is that the U.S. spends a fortune on social media, often deceptively engaging in domestic political debates in other countries. There is a tendency for the U.S. to report only on what other countries do to them, as if this is obviously evil, only evil countries (with brown, black or Slavic people) do it, etc.

The less obvious point: whatever the U.S. does is probably done with some sophistication, so as to be difficult to detect. We are usually told about "enemy" activities that are almost unbelievably amateurish. Does this mean shithole countries are actually less able to do this than the U.S.? Or simply that the U.S. chooses to share with us the low-hanging fruit, and we are finding out very little of what is actually going on? If the latter, this would simply mean we are being fed chickenshit, as is often the case.

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