Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hockey coach wisdom

Tha annual fathers' trip for Maple Leafs. Players can travel with their fathers for one brief road trip. Travis Dermott, who (I just found out) grew up where I live, was not sure whether to invite his father--Travis has only been on the "big team" for a few games, and a more established defenceman was returning to the roster. Happy ending, Travis makes the trip and so does his dad.

From the Star: Dads join players in a team meeting:

Leafs coach Mike Babcock was happy to host the smiling fathers.

“Just think about it, you’re dad gets to be in the National Hockey League. Gets to see everything you do,” Babcock said. “You wouldn’t be here without parents. It’s a way to share, and to say thank you. Just enjoy it because, before long, you’re dad’s not here.”

(The Star apparently doesn't employ copy editors any more). Can you give us a timeline, coach? Any clues to help us predict the timing, or is it just the old story: work hard every day, do things right, and be as prepared as possible for whatever happens?

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