Friday, February 23, 2018

DNC Hacks: the Last Frontier

It seems that about all the Trump haters have now, as far as "Russia Russia Russia," is the alleged or apparent hacks of systems at Democratic National Committee headquarters, as well as so-called hacks of the totally unsecured systems of Hillary Clinton and her senior campaign advisor, John Podesta.

Keeping this meme alive seems to require the active leadership of boomers who are probably not very sophisticated about how the Internet works. Victoria Nuland I guess would be another one. Almost incredibly, they seem willing to support a story that Americans are so naive and trusting, so poorly skilled and inexperienced with the latest technical tools, or just so plain stupid, that they are easy marks for even a half-assed campaign of sabotage by the evil, but alas, technologically brilliant, Russians. Is this really the story they want to leave behind for posterity? We were helpless babies, we really had no chance, Putin and his highly skilled minions were just too smart and too tough for us? This is another case where someone at Nuland's level may not be actually lying, but if not, she must be wallowing in a combination of ignorance and dishonesty.

For an actual intelligence assessment of any document or report or information or allegation, up to 17 U.S. intelligence agencies can get involved. The famous declaration that the DNC hacks were the work of "Russians" involved only three agencies--and in fact this really meant four people hand-picked by people who were hot on the anti-Trump trail. Really? This is the crap that is going to be fed to the public?

Again, there is no question that the U.S. government has every right to investigate what any country does that might be hostile to the U.S. If such actions take place within the U.S., the FBI and other agencies surely get involved. It would be very surprising if Russian internet troll farms have not been investigated by various agencies for many years--there was no need for the legendary Mueller, turning 74 this year, to "investigate" the one troll farm in St. Petersburg that had been written up in detail in the New Yorker, the New York Times, etc. Only a fool would believe there are not a lot of files in actual investigating bodies on many troll farms in many countries--Singapore, possibly Canada, who knows. Mueller singling out one troll farm is just: we'd better give them a circus or two.

Thanks on today's links to McIntyre, who is now hot on the trail of how exactly the U.S., with Nuland in a leading role, interfered in the internal affairs of Ukraine, including at least one election. Did they by any chance screw up and put neo-Nazis in charge? Like in Wodehouse: the Boy Scout who keeps doing good deeds, and when terrible harm results, insists on doing more good deeds to make up for the failure of the previous ones?

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