Sunday, January 21, 2018

Trump II

Another comment from the Althouse blog: Scott Adams has a point in saying Trump has had a successful first year--the kind of first year many presidents would have killed for. The Woolf book is encouraging some people to say: everything good is due to long-suffering staff, everything bad is Trump personally. That's what some of the long-suffering staff say when they get a chance to spill their guts. Not gospel.

Year One has had different priorities than the Trump campaign. Are we shocked by this? Shocked, shocked? A politician not keeping promises, or deviating from what was said in his campaign? From about the first month of Year One, no one should be surprised that Trump has signed a very Republican tax bill, and he now wants to include Democrats in an immigration bill. To me he has been pretty clear that he thinks successful presidents sign legislation, as opposed to using "a pen and a phone" to issue executive orders that affect many aspects of the lives of Americans. Congress is important. He has come pretty close to telling people he meets with: you present a bill that can actually pass, and I'll sign it. He said this to Republicans on an Obamacare bill, and he failed mainly because of no support from Dems.

Trump said recently he has made changes that will put financial pressure on Obamacare, and this should put pressure on Dems to come to the table. Now immigration and infrastructure. Some purists may detect a lack of guiding principle from mid-2016 until now, but these are not the actions of an unintelligent person--nor of one who is somehow completely lacking in sanity or public-spiritedness.

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