Sunday, January 21, 2018

Trump I

Putting together some things I've written recently. This one's a comment on the Althouse blog.

Very Stable Genius may be a bit of a (humorous) exaggeration, but Trump deserves credit that he often doesn't get. "Populists" can be slightly nuts--Bannon may be an example, Sarah Palin, Roy Moore. (Bernie Sanders, anyone?) Trump from the beginning has been somehow bigger than the Tea Party, bigger than everyday populism. I don't know if he's really going to found a successful movement, or even shift the tide of debate in Washington. He's acting like a Republican, and enjoying success, on taxes and regulations. I think we will see something similar with the judiciary. A bigger test will be immigration: many Republicans are all for open borders, and without Trump,there would not be much of a debate about it. The global corporations which are liking Trump so far, and investing (and creating jobs) will argue that open borders are the key to economic growth, even if some people are left behind. In the meantime, Trump is bright and funny, and even if he loses his temper when he's attacked, or his vanity is at stake,he must be pretty stable to achieve what he is achieving.

Trump is like the Fool in Shakespeare: much of what he says is designed to reveal the intellectual and moral poverty, and even stupidity, of people with credentials.

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