Monday, October 17, 2011

Half Marathon: Almost PB

Four-tenths of a second off.

AB Courier Southlake Half, Aurora ON, May 1:

31 (out of 108)
Bib 702 Lloyd Robertson Newmarket 1:47:12.0
14 (rank for age) Men 40 - 59
29 (rank for gender)
pace 5:05
chip time 1:47:06.6

Blue Mountain Half, Oct. 16:

43 (out of 184)
1:47:07 5:05 ROBERTSON Lloyd Newmarket
18/34 M40-99
Bib #201
First half 47 53:44 Pace 5:06
Second half 34 53:23 5:04

I'm very pleased. Negative split, and the second half was probably tougher--more uphill to get back from Collingwoon to Blue Mountain.

Oct. 30 will be the Tom Taylor, then I'll update all distances again.

UPDATE: For runners.

By my (Polar) watch, I did the first k in 5:15, and at 6k I was at 32:00, 5:20 pace. At 10k I was at 52:00, for 5:12 pace. So I thought I was slower than they are showing for the first half. On the other hand, I thought I banged off several k's at 5 minute pace: 37 at 7k, 42 at 8k, 52 at 10k, then somehow 1 hour at I guess 12 (not likely), then back to 5 min k's, so I kept thinking if I keep doing 5 min k's I can make 1:45 for 20k. Obviously I struggle to do math while I'm running. I'm supposed to be getting a Garmin in a few days.

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