Saturday, September 24, 2011

Terry Fox Run

I've done this run in Newmarket every year since 2006. It's really a 5K, but there's never been anything to stop you from repeating for 10K, and this year the website even mentioned that. It's not officially timed, but they do have the km markings. I did 10K in about 46 minutes--which would be a PB if it were timed.

I met Jeannine O'Reilly who was written up in the local paper when she qualified for Boston. For a while she trained with the marathon group out of the local Running Room store, but she has probably trained more on her own. She said that in her second Boston, she was injured, did not enjoy the run or have a good time (in either sense). So she quit running for a while, but now she's looking forward to getting back to it.

A musician played guitar and sang his song in honour of Terry Fox. I didn't catch his name, so I e-mailed one of the organizers (Laurie Osborne) to find out.

Her reply is pretty great: The relevant part:

Glenn Marais was the singer and he actually had a gig at Sgt Peppers in Aurora last night, I couldn’t make it but if you have a chance you should check him out. He also opened for Jim Cuddy at a recent concert in Richmond Hill. He’s my friend on facebook, if you have facebook do a search on him. Let him know you saw him at our run. He actually wrote a hit song for Snow “Everybody wants to be like you”. He does tons of work for the schools and also aids in Africa and children.

Here is a link all about Glenn.

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