Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love

A pleasant surprise of a movie. As many reviewers note, where the script might have seemed thin or implausible on the page, the actors keep things going-one great scene after another.

My beef: 13-year-old speaking at his middle school graduation, starts to say true love is a rip-off, so his dad (Steve Carell) has to take over to make things right. Yes, this creates a resolution for various threads of the movie, but: once again boomers have to take over an event that doesn't belong to them.

Steve Martin has done this with the Father of the Bride franchise: the children of boomers are planning a big day (wedding or birth of a child). Oh yeah? The boomer parents can have an even bigger day! Hmmm ... even going back to Ronnie Howard's movie Parenthood ...

I've been tempted to go for a rant that the boomers are always wrong about everything. That can hardly be true, although: climate and the environment in general ("We've got to save Bambi! You've got to help us, or you're a bad person!); diet (chocolate good, chocolate bad, salt, sugar--don't worry, it's all in the peer-reviewed scientific literature); drugs in psychiatry and elsewhere (it's a proven fact that many drugs will make you feel better for a short time). They've screwed up the economy--this time they have no one to blame but themselves. But on some things the boomers must be more or less correct, right?

They've always congratulated themselves for being morally and intellectually superior to their parents, and they've always wanted to write books about their experiences. There's a beautiful but nasty line about Theodore Roosevelt that comes from his daughter (only child from his first, short-lived marriage--his wife died at least roughly in childbirth): TR always wanted to be the bridegroom at every wedding, and the corpse at every funeral. That is kind of what I want to say about the boomers.

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