Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Nice 26K Run

From the Running Room store in Newmarket: north on Yonge then "old" Yonge (there are three generations of Yonge Street up there), to Holland Landing, all the way to Doane Road, East across 2nd Concession to Leslie. Much of Doane is a real country road--rough asphalt, very narrow, thick trees on both sides, lots of views of beautiful country, quite hilly.

South on Leslie to Mount Albert Road, south on Grist Mill, cutting through a couple of paths to the river, river trail to 2nd Concession, a short jog to continued trail, all the way to Davis Dr. in Newmarket. Lots of nice things to see.

Davis West to Main, North to Bristol, West to Yonge, back to store adding a bit to make sure I made 26K. Beautiful weather, some scenery I have not seen before, some scenery I was glad to see again.

On Leslie, a funny ad for a dentist that says "We Cater to Cowards."

On Mount Albert Road, one of the few remaining Drive-In theatres within miles of Toronto.

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