Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vacation coming to an end

Usually my wife schedules some work around the house and yard for my vacations, and I do my best to schedule other things. We got a weekend in Ottawa at the mid-way point of the two weeks. Very enjoyable. Not much done before that, but we slowly got going during the last week. We installed two bathroom sinks--the plumber did the basement one, with me watching, and then I did the main floor the next day. It's a good thing I watched the plumber--I had to build a new U-shape trap for underneath, and I had an idea what I was doing.

These changes triggered some housecleaning. I took a load to the recycle/waste center--$10 for a car load, including two old sinks, a stinky old rug, and lots of other things. We made several trips to Value Village and the Salvation Army, one to the hazardous waste place that takes paints, two to ReStore (Habitat for Humanity) with ceramic floor tiles and some Portland Cement.

Zip sent us the movie The Invention of Lying, with Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner. Quite good, a bit weak toward the end. One idea is that if everyone told the strict truth, those who are ugly, incompetent and old would suffer the most--they really are losers, and everyone would tell them so. They tend to become suicidal until a liar cheers them up. This overlaps with Housesitter (Goldie Hawn, Steve Martin), in which lies generally make people feel better about themselves. Liar, Liar (Jim Carrey) I think has a similar idea. As someone says on the internet, Gervais takes a risk presenting the invention of a religion, a bit like Christianity, as the work of a liar who eventually says "there is no man in the sky." No one ever got rich preaching atheism to Americans.

In Ottawa we started to see The Tree of Life in a theatre, but my wife, finding it depressing, insisted on leaving after a few minutes. I very much want to see it all.

We took the baby who is staying with us to the Elmvale Zoo.

Just before the vacation, I got a couple of writing projects in better shape than before. I'm hoping to hear back from some more or less friendly critics. I'm planning my next project, and there are still some odds and ends of family tree to work on.

Running is not going particularly well. I have yet to really achieve the weekly schedule I need to prepare for a marathon, and I have a sore hip, and I'm just not enjoying it very much.

I had thought about going to Abstract Expressionism at the AGO--there's still time. I may try to access in a public library for some family tree stuff. Tomorrow is a funny kind of civic holiday, and friends are dropping by on their way from Ontario back to New Brunswick.

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