Sunday, September 19, 2010

Update on Running Times

A very fast 5K for me today in the Terry Fox run: 22:09, under 4.5 mins per km (here showing a decimal, otherwise showing seconds). They have km markers up, and I was running my stop watch. I think I did 5:10, 4:13, 4:54, 4:26, and 3:26, or something close to those numbers. Definitely a negative split (second half faster than the first). My fifth time running it, and the first time was probably about 28 minutes. Last year 24 minutes.

I've never raised money for the Terry Fox, but I gave them $40.

So: an update on my PBs:

5K: 22:09 (Terry Fox 10)
10K: 55:19 (Oasis Zoo 08)
10m: 1:22:20 (Acura Toronto 09)
Half: 1:49:37 (Goodlife Toronto 09)
Marathon: 4:00:05 (Waterloo 10)

Of course there are people who think the emphasis on PBs is silly--some cities have a group called Harriers or something who will ostracize you for using the expressions BQ (Boston Qualifier) or PB (Personal Best). Nevertheless, there is now a stronger case for me to do a 10K this fall, and improve on 55 minutes. I should be able to do 50 minutes or even 45.

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