Saturday, August 7, 2010

Running Update

My next goal race is the Scotiabank Half in Toronto, Sept. 26. The week before that I'll do the Terry Fox 5K. Oct. 31 is the inaugural Tom Taylor 10-mile locally, and the week after that is the Angus Glen Half. Maybe I'd be pushing it to do that last one.

Starting in January, I hope to do five runs a week to train for the Goodlife Toronto Marathon on its new date in May.

Training is going well. I'm only running three times a week for now--going 20k or more on Sunday to keep up my weekly distance. My sore left heel stays with me like an old friend. Swimming twice a week seems to help, along with some stretches.

I've glanced at a Running Room forum. I may or may not join one, but one idea I like is listing PB's.

5K: 23:59 (Terry Fox 09)
10K: 55:19 (Oasis Zoo 08)
10m: 1:22:20 (Acura Toronto 09)
Half: 1:49:37 (Goodlife Toronto 09)
Marathon: 4:00:05 (Waterloo 10)

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