Saturday, July 24, 2010

Smart Canadians

More and more I find my heroes are Canadian. Here's Margaret McMillan questioning the whole notion of a world-wide Moslem threat.

While I'm at it: Rick Salutin: Americans are basically comfortable with a huge national-security apparatus, which includes more and more fascist tricks pulled on innocent people. Canadians are not as comfortable with it; we have not reacted in nearly the same way to 9/11.

I differ with Salutin on his suggestion that the majority of Americans are afraid of African-Americans, and want lots of gung ho cops around just in case. Of course the people that Americans seem willing to "leave behind" are disproportionately African-American (although there are some proud Appalachian whites among them as well); so the great debate (including the whole Sherrod episode) has to do with whether there is really racism at work or not.

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