Saturday, July 31, 2010

Obama, electric cars, etc.

Lots of goodies here, from Slate. Obama is giving money to rich people to buy electric cars which are really just expensive toys. These toys will make little or no difference to the production of CO2, and they are an environmental nightmare in their own way. There is already a surplus of batteries for these things, so soon the workers who make them will be laid off--Obama the job-killer. There would be a much bigger and more positive impact on the environment and the economy to impose a tax on gas itself or on gas-guzzlers--but no politician has the guts to do it.

Bizarrely, Obama does an event about the new economy, new kinds of vehicles, etc., and the centerpiece of the event is the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. (h/t the Corner) This seems partly to be almost unbelievably poor staff work--questions once again about "smart" and "competent." When I worked for a minister I thought it was a great idea to draft letters congratulating companies for almost any success in the high-tech field: growth in sales, a successful IPO, an announcement of new technology, or anything. The Minister signed for a while, but eventually he passed back a note which said something like: what if these companies soon fail or get into some kind of trouble? Where will we be then? Always good to be thinking ahead--which I should have been doing.

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