Friday, June 11, 2010

Mulroney: Give Us Back the Money

Incredibly, when a letter was leaked in which the RCMP said that Brian Mulroney took bribes in relation to the purchase of Airbus planes by the Canadian government, Mulroney sued and was paid over $2 million by the Canadian government due to alleged damage to his reputation.

Now it is crystal clear to everyone that Mulroney is a liar and a whore. No honest person has ever done business by taking bags of cash in return for services that are not specified in any known document. What reputation could he possibly have that would be worth $2 million? How could it be described as outrageous, or even unfair, to call him a crook who takes bribes when we have all seen with some clarity what he is?

I hope some way can be found to ensure we taxpayers get the money back. See also here and here.

I'm not nearly as concerned about who has the Order of Canada. It's only to be expected that there are some rogues in that company. This is one of the disadvantages of giving great honours to the living rather than the dead. (Hobbes says the dead are praised as one more way of putting down our living rivals; we seem to be reversing this fact by honouring practically everyone).

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