Saturday, June 19, 2010

Christy's Summary of Climate Science

John Christy testified at the review of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Science (IPCC) by the Inter-Academy Council (IAC). A nice summary: climate science is (understandably) unsettled, not settled, and the IPCC has given a very distorted picture, which has no doubt been made even worse by Gore etc.

h/t Bishop Hill.

John Christy's credentials:

Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science
Director, Earth System Science Center
Alabama State Climatologist
University of Alabama in Huntsville

IPCC Lead Author: 2001 TAR
Contributor: 1992 Supplement
Contributor: 1994 Radiative Forcing of Climate Change
Key Contributor: 1995 SAR
Contributing Author: 2007 AR4, WG I and II

NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement
American Meteorological Society Special Award for satellite observations
Fellow, American Meteorological Society

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