Saturday, April 10, 2010

Training--the Home Stretch

Intervals on Wednesday make my weeks of running a bit different than they have ever been. Last Sunday (beginning of Week 16) I ran 32K with a group--on the slow side for me, with very few walk breaks, but then the walk breaks were longer than I'm used to. Tuesday 6K tempo. Wednesday, 4x1600 intervals. I was trying to make each set faster than the one before, but I didn't succeed. The fourth set was either second or third fastest--I didn't quite get all my times to be sure. Thursday it wasn't that easy to do 6K steady, and Friday the 10K steady started out hard, but got easier as I went along. I had a bit of soreness in one foot, but nothing serious. I took an ice bath Thursday evening as a precaution.

My laps for intervals have ranged from 1:40 to 1:50 or so. This coming Wednesday I'll try to do the first set at 1:50, then speed up and see if I can do the whole last set (five sets this time) at 1:40 or faster.

Next week, 23K Sunday, the usual tempo and steady Tuesday and Thursday, and 15K race pace on Friday. After that, 6K Sunday the 18th, and a couple more runs at race pace.

I'm feeling the nervous anticipation.

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