Sunday, April 25, 2010

Race Day

A bit disappointing. I was hoping for 3:45 for a marathon, to qualify for Boston. I was pretty close to the necessary pace until I was 6K or so from the finish, and I just ran out of gas. There were more uphills, to add to the ones that had been repeated since about the half way mark, and I walked as much as I ran. Officially a shade over 4 hours, my chip time (allowing for the fact that I wasn't right up front at the start) a little under 4 hours.

I was looking forward to just doing shorter distances in the summer and fall, then doing winter training again for spring. Instead I'll at least consider a fall marathon.

Easily in the top half of the males aged 50-59; barely in the top half of males overall. I have my excuses: more hills than I expected, running on muddy gravel for a stretch (I would stay on the fairly solid center until a vehicle came along), running into a head wind for quite a bit. But there is a school of thought that would say I didn't run enough, or maybe fast enough, in training.

Here's my result.

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