Sunday, March 28, 2010

Training Week 15

Four weeks until race day. Everything continues to go well. I ran 29K today, felt good, and recovered well (so far). I postponed my 10K steady run Friday until Saturday, yesterday. Wednesday I did intervals for the first time (hill nights are over--I did 10 hills on March 17). Two sets of (4x400=) 1600 metres. Next week three sets, and so on.

All my runs seem a bit faster than I planned--my paces have picked up. Slow today was just over 6 minutes/km instead of 6.5; steady has become 5.5 or a bit less instead of 6.0; tempo has become consistently less than 5.5--close to race pace of 5.2. The intervals went at a pace of about 4.7 or 4.8--they may already be paying off in better speed.

I have felt confident from the beginning that I have a good training plan--John Stanton's--and I have the discipline to carry it out. If I'm healthy, the weather is OK on race day, etc., I should have a good chance of making my goal of 3:45 for a marathon. I don't want to focus too much on that, however. One piece of advice that was given to a clinic I was in was: have three goals, optimistic, middle, and pessimistic. Don't be too disappointed if for whatever reason you only make the pessimistic goal--it's still an accomplishment, and a good day.

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