Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Movies, etc

On the weekend, thanks to Zip we got a chance to see Knowing, starring Nicolas Cage. A strange end-of-the-world movie, with Nic consulting a list of numbers that seem to predict disasters, rushing off to save people, always a bit late. The people around him try to stop him to ask what's going on, but he's often too busy and preoccupied to answer. It turns out the aliens aren't out to destroy us, they can't save us, but they can save a few children.

On Turner Classic Movies, I saw a few minutes of a pretty good western, A Big Hand for the Little Lady. Joanne Woodward is forced to join a poker game in which her husband had bet heavily. He's apparently been afflicted with some health crisis in a part I didn't see. She says she has no idea of the rules, but she's determined to win back the money her husband has wagered--it represents all their savings, etc. The men around the table explain that it is up to her to raise or fold, and they have already discussed with her husband the possibility of using various items as collateral. She asks if there is a bank nearby, and marches across the street. Some of the men naturally accompany her. She tells the banker the only collateral she has is her hand, which she shows him. He turns her town, she leads the procession back to the game. All seems over, but the banker shows up at the game, announces he has never seen a hand that good, and although he is very cautious in lending, always insisting on collateral, he will back Joanne to the hilt. Everyone else folds, she wins the pot.

This all turns out be a con, in which the banker participates because of the way he as defrauded by some of these characters years earlier. Very enjoyable.

Finally, there was a Breaking Bad marathon, and I was introduced for the first time to the skuzzy defence lawyer. Again very enjoyable.

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