Saturday, February 6, 2010

Many Have Kept Up the Nonsense: But What is the Underlying View?

"Underlying philosophy" I think would be a bit too grand.

Donna Lafromboise lists the many substantial groups who have been active participants in spreading the IPCC's BS without showing enough, or any, skepticism. She includes national science academies, leading science journals, the media in general, politicians in general, and "ordinary folks like you and me." She cites the blog Climate Resistance for pointing out that "the politics came before the science": the belief that less developed societies had to be "protected" from industrialization, rather than being allowed to generate wealth from it as we have done, came before the so-called "science" proving that there was a crisis or catastrophe at hand, and governments had to take immediate action.

I would repeat myself and go further: the boomers in general suffer from a kind of "kindergarten Marxism": the belief that capitalism is going to kill us all somehow, unless drastic action is taken, and it is only a question of which of several possible sources of destruction will be the actual killer. It might be the water we drink, the air we breathe, etc. Global warming was always perfect as the biggest, scariest potential killer. To hide the pure self-interest of saying "I don't want to die," it is best to refer to a belief, no doubt genuine as far as it goes, that we have exploited nature for long enough, and we should stop killing Bambi.

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