Sunday, November 8, 2009

Frightening the Boomers

I suppose history will eventually show that people with very little evidence behind them were able to convince a lot of other people of global warming, an endless parade of frightening pandemics, dangerous food in supermarkets, etc. But then: they only had to persuade the gullible old boomers. How hard is that? As long as you start by confirming that they're the smartest people who've ever lived, you're in. In their pants, in their pocketbooks.

Surely a major factor in all this is that the boomers are getting old, and they are more and more afraid to die, as old people pretty much always are. So of course fear of capitalism and technology--kindergarten Marxism--have never really gone away. Now fear of death gives all these fears a rocket booster. The boomers were never known to have great resources of character, judgment or resiliency, so old age is likely to be pretty terrifying for them. Perhaps the prospect of it, for many of them, will actually be worse than the reality. Some of them, at least, will remain relatively pain free, and then die in their sleep. (Although that last expression often conceals the fact that no one actually sees a person die--the death may have been quite a bit more horrible than the expression "dying in your sleep" implies).

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