Friday, November 27, 2009

CRU: Lessons learned so far

It seems that a wide range of people, including some who believe strongly in the global warming theory, are now going to join in expecting that full data is made available to the public, contrary to what has been the usual practice of alarmists. This is a good thing, and Steve McIntyre deserves a lot of credit for his lonely campaign on this front.

Another believer who wants openness here. This is pretty amazing stuff.

What if all the data is a mess, or doesn't tell any convincing story about climate, or actually contradicts warming (just as severe hurricanes have stopped in the U.S., Arctic ice is rebuilding, etc.) Will people who want to believe in global warming, partly because of what I call kindergarten Marxism, be willing to give it up?

Of course, there still may be good arguments for cutting back on our use of so-called fossil fuels--especially coal. It would be progress if we (China, India) could shift from coal to oil, and then from oil to gas. Are we going to run out? Who knows? Should we shift as quickly as possible to nuclear? (It's that belief that got Thatcher behind Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), and led her to establish the CRU, among other things).

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