Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Run

Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon on Sunday: a shade under 1:50, which is fast for me. It works out to a bit over 5 minute (per km) pace. The first km seemed to take me about 7 minutes--a big crowd, lots of people to pass, zig-zagging. Then I gradually settled into a 5 minute pace, which was consistent from roughly 5 km to 16 km; then just cross the finish line somehow.

Next step is to see about training for a marathon over the winter. If I'm ever going to qualify for Boston in 2011 (just after my 55th birthday, when I cross into the next age group and gain 15 minutes to qualify), 2010 is the time. If I try and fail in the Spring, I can still try in the Fall.

Just looking around for photos of the event (none on the homepage yet), I found this young lady (Angela Dawn), with lots of photos. She ran the half at Scotiabank Waterfront in Toronto three weeks ago, did very little running between, then another half on Sunday--quite fast for her, despite having a painful stitch almost the whole way.

Every runner has a story.

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