Friday, July 3, 2009

Blue Jays (gulp)

Fourth place in a tough division--closer to last place than first.

They had a remarkably good run when their two most famous and highly-paid hitters--Rios and Wells--were slumping. Today Rios is 9th in Batting Average, Wells is 11th; in On Base Percentage, Rios is 7th, Wells 10th; in Slugging, Rios is 6th, Wells is 8th. For Home Runs, the Jays have Hill at 19, Lind at 16, and then everybody else. Rios is tied for 3rd at 9, Wells at 7. By the end of the season, the Jays may have one hitter who makes 30 HRs, and it won't be Wells or Rios, and then a couple at 20 or so.

In pitching, there is Halladay and Romero as starters, a somewhat shaky Tallet as third starter, Downs as a closer, and then everyone else. Downs is injured, and he can really only close if there are eight good innings of pitching first.

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