Sunday, May 10, 2009

State of Play

An enjoyable movie. One big twist: it's not a case of a big corporation organizing street crimes as part of a big conspiracy after all. Just an ordinary ambitious politician, maybe a bit more corrupt than usual. Does this mean that with Obama in office, and getting along famously with corporate big-wigs, there is less to fear from these big-wigs after all?

Russell Crowe plays the aging hippy--ace reporter with no life outside of work. A bit stale, but he does it OK. Ben Affleck, for a change, doesn't kill a movie. Rachel McAdam, from London, Ontario, is a pleasure to watch. The Crowe character actually says to her character something like it would just be creepy if there were something romantic between them. That's a switch from the Hollywood cliche that any aging actor, no matter how wrinkled and decrepit, can be the romantic lead with any female (adult), no matter how young and beautiful.

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