Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blue Jays, Oh My!

Back to back wins against Oakland on the West Coast. Today, someone named Brett Cecil (his second start in the big leagues) on the mound, 8 innings, 6 strikeouts, 2 walks, no runs. Jays got 13 hits, 8 of them from four players, and a total of five runs--three from a home run by Alex Rios.

The day before, Brian Tallet had an excellent game as a starter.

First place in the American League East, best in the AL, best in the majors. I know I should knock on wood (pause to knock on own skull), but this could be for real. Different people have been contributing in different games, and the performance certainly goes far beyond Doc Halladay. Of course, we're still less than one-quarter into the season.

After a day off, the Yankees come to Toronto. Doc vs. A.J. Burnett, who was with Toronto for several years, and picked a perfect time, with his contract expiring, to have a great half-season last year. This year he's won two of his six starts, giving up 22 earned runs and 15 walks in just over 37 innings. ERA over 5. Doc: 6 wins and ERA 3.28 in 7 starts. Bwahahahaha.

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