Saturday, April 11, 2009

Edmonton Capitals on Edmonton

Edmonton used to have a AAA baseball team in the Pacific Coast League (the Trappers); more recently they've had a team in an independent league called the Cracker Cats; now they have the Capitals.

On their website, the Capitals say:

Edmonton’s Golden Baseball League franchise is proud to introduce the Edmonton Capitals as the team’s new name. The new moniker pays homage to Alberta’s capital and reflects qualities of wealth, prominence and many redeeming qualities that makes the City of Edmonton one of the best cities in the world.

The authors don't seem to realize that you would bring up a city's "redeeming" qualities only when you are all too aware of its shortcomings. This is hardly the boosterism you would expect from the very first page of a newly christened team's website.

Coincidentally, I am in Edmonton for a week or so. A sad occasion--the death of my mother-in-law, who was 90. But also a chance for some visiting, and looking around. I often think I miss Edmonton, and would like to live here again (as I have not done in almost 30 years). But then I wonder.

The Capitals should have a beautiful park to play in, now called Telus Field. Set down in the river valley, by far the city's best feature, you can sit in the stands and be unaware you are in a city. I like running in the valley, I even like the scruffy charm of the parts of Edmonton that are, well, scruffy. But of course, as my wife says, the winters are just too long and cold.

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