Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bob Hartwell Challenge Results


Runner #93, under one hour and 54 minutes. I'm very pleased. If I were to keep up that pace and do a whole marathon in 2010, I could qualify for the Boston Marathon just after my birthday in 2011.

The training paid off. I kept up a faster pace than when I did the Zoo Run 10K in October, for more than twice the distance. The course was a bit hilly--I think this scared some people off. Cool and rainy--on the whole these are good conditions for a run.

222 finishers in the half marathon run, 308 in the 5K, 48 in the half marathon relay, 32 in the half marathon walk. Less than 650 people in all. After the bunching up at the start, there was always room to run. The course was out and back, so we encountered the leaders as we approached the half way point. Plenty of runners overcame walkers, so that sometimes made for slight crowding.

UPDATE: It was a pleasant surprise to see Nicole from the Learn to Run group I recently led, working as a volunteer at about the half-way point on the run. The volunteers surely felt the rain and chilly temps more, in a way, than we runners did. Also Keith, somewhat of a wounded warrior in the local running community, working as a volunteer near the end of the route.

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