Saturday, March 21, 2009


I've never really been a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. The whole Toronto area, including the suburb where I live, is amazingly loyal to that team, which has mostly been crappy for a long time. When I was blogging before, I would make mention of Raptors games, but I don't see much point in doing that now.

I was a Blue Jays fan in the 80s and 90s--beginning, I hasten to add, before they were in first place in their division. Their World Series wins in 1992 and 1993 were among the most exciting sports events in my life. I actually dreamed that Robbie Alomar (1992 76 RBI, 1993 93 RBI; 2 HR in the 1992 ALCS--he actually had some better years later with Cleveland) would hit a home run against Dennis Eckersley (see 1992, 51 saves, 1.91 ERA), and win a playoff game--and it happened the next day. Since then, there's been a lot of disappointment. My hopes will probably spring up again, er, this Spring, so I may be posting about them: Doc Halladay (2008: 20W, 11L, 2.78 ERA) still (amazingly) with them, etc.

I've suggested to my son, at least half jokingly, that we should just cheer for the New York Yankees and get it over with. They're always likely to be contending, one impressive star after another, and there is some interesting gossip to go with great performances. He said something like no, that's too easy, or contemptible, or something. I guess I'd better defer to him in the limited time remaining before I get on an ice floe.

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